a bit about the creature in question

Growing up the daughter of an artist and a software engineer, Isobel Bradbury developed her taste for contradiction at an early age. She wore combat boots to ballet class, proclaimed herself a skeptic of the supernatural while tattoo-ing a ghost on her ankle, and managed to be diagnosed with both chronic insomnia and narcolepsy at the same time (she’s particularly proud of this one). After transplanting her high-femme-spooky-Pacific-Northwest aesthetic to Los Angeles in 2016 to join the University of Southern California’s Writing for Screen and Television program, Isobel’s writing has continued to reflect her rebellious spirit. Her protagonists journey to discover their particular flavor of weird while re-defining family, finding unexpected romance, and learning to give the finger to fear. Like a sun burst on a rainy Seattle day, Isobel exposes the humor in dark situations, and the love in the midst of despair (and don’t worry, she still wears her combat boots in inappropriate situations).