Featured Script: What’s Your Sign?

Original Half-hour pilot, Single-camera Comedy.

After a growing up with a tarot-reading, sex-obsessed, no-boundaries kinda mom, Aimee Martin just wants to lead a “normal” life. But her dreams are drop-kicked squarely in the nuts when her mother informs her that their family is descended from a long line of Love Goddesses. Now, Aimee has to lean into the weirdness of her life and start having sex with a constantly rotating cast of oddballs, or else risk ruining the balance of love in the universe forever.

Original pilots

The Alternative

Original Half-hour Pilot, Single Camera Comedy

Not all public schools are created equal. At Edgar Woods’ mainstream urban high school, he considers his job as a counselor to mean one thing: get kids into college. At the alternative charter school across the street, counselor Valentina (“Val”) Bonaventura just wants to be everyone’s friend. After a budget crisis in the district forces Edgar and Val’s schools to merge, the two counselors receive an ultimatum from the principal: work together to unify the fraught student body, or someone’s getting fired.

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Original Half-hour Pilot, Single Camera Dramedy

Still reeling from a terrible breakup that threw her life off-course, Imogene “Genie” Bradley hasn’t slept in years. Now, sick of warm milk, melatonin, and sleep specialists, she announces her intention to embrace the darkness and take every overnight shift at the 24-hour coffee shop where she works. Her planned self-destruction takes an unexpected turn, however, when she meets the late shift’s nocturnal patrons. They’re red-eyed and rowdy, but with their support, Genie may just be able to find her way back into the light.

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This is Anarchy

Original Half-hour Pilot, Single Camera Comedy

Straight-laced, scientifically minded Jessie always has a plan. But everything goes out the window when she loses her apartment, boyfriend, and dream job, all in the same day. With nowhere to go, Jessie moves in with her former best friend in a house full of radical anarchists, and realizes that a little bit of rebellion (and a lot of pot brownies) may be exactly what she needs to help reconfigure her life.

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Exes & Ohs

Feature, LGBT Romantic Comedy

(co-written by Isobel Bradbury and Isabella Vergun)

Scotty and Kat are BFFFs (Best Friends For-Fucking-Ever). So when Kat wants to elope with Hazel, a girl she’s only known for six months, Scotty knows that it’s his job to stop Kat from making a huge mistake. Armed with the knowledge of Hazel’s recent breakup from her douchey ex-boyfriend, Topher, Scotty makes Topher an offer: road trip with him to stop the wedding, and maybe he can even win Hazel back in the process. But with the girls speeding toward the altar and the boys hot on their heels, the thin lines between love and hate blur enough to make everyone wonder where this road trip is really taking them.

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Sleeping Badly

Feature, Romantic Comedy

Imagine seeing the most intimate details of your breakup on top of The New York Times Best Seller list. Jack Hunter’s thinly veiled memoir about his tumultuous relationship with eccentric playwright, Artemis “Artie” Poole, is the talk of the town, and Artie will do anything to prove that Jack’s depiction of her is slander. So when it comes time to pen the stage adaptation, Artie and Jack are forced back together to rehash the sordid details of their breakup and take “he said/she said” to a whole new level.

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Never Go Home

Feature, Supernatural Thriller

After leaving home at 17, Beatrice Cambry thought she’d finally escaped her family’s spooky reputation. But ten years later, the death of her mother forces her to return home to her sleepy Pacific Northwest town and help her siblings clean out their dilapidated old house. Beatrice assumes that the worst part of the trip will be contending with her eccentric brother and sister, but everything takes a turn when old rumors about their house being haunted start coming true. Now the Cambry siblings must face the reality that the ghost in the house is real, and it doesn’t want them to leave.

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